NAfME Eastern Division Conference

57th Biennial In-Service Conference

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Hop on the E-Train!
Essential Ethics for the new Educator
Takeaway/Slides/Links for April 23, 2021 session by Paul Fox

Collegiate Workshop Handouts:

The Ultimate Interview Primer

Handout for Pre-Service Music Teachers or Transfers Looking for a Job 2021

Ethics – Not Sexy But Essential

(College students: Please download and print files from these links!)

Special section for attendees of the DCMEA 2020 Virtual Conference

DCMEA logo

Social Media – Boon or Nemesis: July 9, 2020 at 9:15 a.m.

Supercharge Your School Musical: July 10, 2020 at 10:15 a.m.

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE: Tips and Strategies to Prepare and Present Yourself for Interviewing and Landing That First Music Teacher Job

Outline of resource materials for college music education majors and other prospects wanting to find a job in public school music programs



Articles/blogs at this site

how to ace your interview

Grove City College Mock Music Educator Interview

Virtual Music Learning – Engaging Students During the Break

The music educator blog (SmartMusic) May 14, 2019


from the PMEA Council for Teacher Training, Recruitment, and Retention:

Slippery Rock University Mock Music Educator Interviews

Recommended Links for Special Focus Areas in Music Education

Mock Interviews: Duquesne University on April 15, 2019

PMEA Council for Teacher Training, Recruitment, and Retention

Materials for high school students preparing for a college music education major

Ethics for Pre-Service Music Educators on October 24, 2018

Checklist for “Intelligent” Interviews article on NAfME Amplify

Westminster College Presentation on November 6, 2017

  • “Transitioning from Collegiate to Educator” – PCMEA 110617

Majoring in Music website

PCMEA/college music education major presentations

2017 PMEA Annual Spring In-Service Conference handout Ready for Hire! Interview Strategies to Land a Job:

Additional online resources


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