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This page is to make things as easy as possible… sort of like “one-stop shopping” or one-click access to all of my past and Music in a Minuet blog-posts, PMEA News articles, and other resources for promoting a happy, healthy, and meaningful transition to and realization of full retirement from music teaching.

My own passage to “living the dream” has been very successful, and although I am still very active in the profession (conducting a community/youth orchestra, presenting at conferences and college music education classes, and serving as State Retired Member Coordinator and Chair of the Council for Teacher Training, Recruitment, and Retention for the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association), I now LOVE how retirement has changed my life… more personal reflection, retooling and self-reinvention of my skills/interests, creation of new bucket lists and short to long term goals, and spending more TIME doing what I like best… writing, making music, volunteering, and walking my dogs!

From time to time, this page will be updated to include the latest “finds” and new releases. If desired, a printer-friendly copy is available here: ultimate retiree resource guide. (Please let me know if any of the online links go inactive. Send an email message to

Feel free to share your own stories, readings, tips, or research on this life-changing passage of “Crossing the Rubicon” to retirement. Send to the above email. Thanks!

Happy Trails, Retirees! PKF

Blogs by Paul Fox at this site (alpha by subject; category = “retirement resources”)

For Pennsylvania Music Educators Association members (and other state MEAs), especially people who will retire over the next three years:

How-To-Retire Video AND Prepping for Post-Employment

56th Biennial NAfME Eastern Division Conference/PMEA 2019 presentation

Design Your Ideal Retirement by Guest Clinician Dave Hughes

PMEA 2018 Summer Conference/Harrisburg presentation:

Retirement 101 – Retiree Stories and Strategies 071718

55th Biennial NAfME Eastern Division Conference/NJMEA 2017 presentation

NAfME-NJMEA Living the Dream – Survival and Celebration of Retirement 040617

Sample PMEA News articles (go to for full access/membership)

Gurus of Retirement Planning (multiple articles)

Seniors and Drug Addiction

“High-Functioning Alcoholic” Definition & Quiz by Sober Partners

Other Websites and Online Resources

FIRST STOP/MOST RELEVANT TO FORMER SCHOOL MUSIC EDUCATORS: Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Retired Members

Atchley, Robert – Ted Carr on YouTube: “Six Stages of Retirement,” 2015

Backman, Maurice – The Motley Fool: “Bored in Retirement? Four Ways to Fill Your Days and Make Money at the Same Time,” 2018

Bernard, Dave – U.S. News & World Report: “3 Ways to Successfully Transition into Retirement”

Bernard, Dave – Retirement – Only the Beginning

Brindle, Beth – HowStuffWorks: “10 Best Volunteer Activities in Retirement,” 2016

Chua, Celestine – Personal Excellence – “What’s on Your Bucket List? 101 Things to Do Before You Die,”

Cussen, Mark P. – Investopedia: “Journey Through the Six Stages of Retirement”

Dealnews – “The Complete Guide to Senior Discounts”

Dychtwald, Ken – Agewave on YouTube: “American Society on Aging,” 2013

Dychtwald, Ken – Agewave on YouTube: “Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit,” 2016

Eisenberg, Richard – Forbes: “The Nine Keys to Retirement,” 2016

ElderImpact: “Fraud Prevention Checklist” – “The Top 55 Retirement Planning Websites to Help You Retire in Style,”

Guerrero, Yvette, Ph.D., University of California San Francisco – Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Retirement: Planning for a Successful Transition

Hellmich, Nanci– USA Today: “How to Reinvent Yourself in Retirement,” 2014

Lee, Ilchi – I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years, Best Life Media, 2017

Lucas, Jim – Birch Gold Group: “Scam Protection Resource Guide,” 2020

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Mattheus, Lesli – LinkedIn Pulse: “Teaching Music After Retirement,” 2015

Morelli, Jim – CNN on YouTube: “Tips for Retirement,” 2016

The Motley Fool: “3 Tips on Surviving Your First Year of Retirement,” 2014

New Retirement: “Do You Have What It Takes? 8 Skills for a Fantastically Happy Best Retirement,” 2017

NOLO: “Losing a Job – Ten Things You Can Do to Make It Less Painful”

Potuchek, Jean – Stepping Into the Future: A Retirement Journal

Pratt, Rebecca – SPARKPEOPLE: “Transition into a Healthy Retirement”

Quinn, Richard – MarketWatch: “10 Retirement Lessons from a Retired Retirement Pro”

Rayne, Francis – LinkedIn Pulse: “When the Music Is Over,” 2015

Rehm, Diane – PBS/The Diane Rehm Show: “American’s Aging Population and Slowing Economic Growth,” 2016

Reichl, Lori Schwartz – NAfME Music in a Minuet: “Thinking Outside the Box When Making Career Changes” “Help You with Retirement and Pre-Retirement Planning…”

Schlossberg, Nancy K, Ed. D – Thinking About Retirement? Time to Think About Your Psychological Portfolio, American Psychological Association

Schlossberg, Nancy K, Dr. – Transitions Through Life

Sixty and Me “How You Can Volunteer as an Older Adult”

Smith, Melinda, M.A.; Segal, Robert, M.A. – HelpGuide: “Job Loss and Unemployment Stress”

Smith, Shannon – Lifehacker: “9 Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do  If You Lose Your Job”

Spiers, Peter– Road Scholar: “Top 12 Hobbies for Retirement”

Taylor, Phil – U.S. News and World Report: “25 Things to Do When You Retire,” 2011

Trattner, Esther – MoneyWise: “15 Trips You Need to Take After You Retire”      

Troyer, Angela K., Ph.D. – Psychology Today: “6 Ways to Engage Your Brain,” 2014,

Vanguard Group – “Five Things to Think About on Your Journey to Retirement,” 2015

Williams, Geoff – U.S. News and World Report: “Five Big League Mistakes of the Newly Retired,” 2016

Williams, Susan – Senior Care Helper recommended blog-sites


Abbott, Ida – Retirement by Design, Ulysses Press, 2020

Anthony, Mitch  – The New Retirementality, Wiley, 2014

Baines, Barry – Ethical Wills: Putting Your Values on Paper, 2006

Bellah, Mike – The Best is Yet to Be, Best Years Press, 2019

Bergstrom, Richard and Leona – Third Calling – What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? Re-Ignite, 2016

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Book Mini-Reviews in PMEA Retired Member Network eNEWS:

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