Articles on the Health and Wellness of Music Teachers

We are proud to announce a new collection of blog-posts to focus on self-care and job retention of pre-service, in-service and retired music educators, including reflections and resources for mitigating stress and avoidance of “burnout,” fostering a healthy life/work balance and mindfulness, learning new skills for successful “career development,” personal time management, and goal-setting, and defining “meaning” and self-identity in all phases of “the life-cycle of a music educator.”

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To get you started on this important topic, please review the following sources. Some of the research released below is brought to you by members of the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) Council for Teacher Training, Recruitment, and Retention.

All school music teachers should be members of the National Association for Music Education and their state’s affiliate music education association. Membership has many privileges, including access to professional development, Music Educators Journal, and other publications.



PMEA SelfCare Cookbook Slides and Handout revised s042023


Past Postings…

I Love My Job But Its Killing Me

I Love My Job, But It’s Killing Me by Lesley Moffat

Relevant blog-posts by Paul Fox at this site:

Previously recorded webinar: Music Teacher Survival 101 sponsored by mPowered Music Educator Academy – October 29, 2019

NAfME Final 1

NAfME Music Educators Journal June 2019 article: “Health and Wellness for In-Service and Future Music Teachers” by Christa Kuebel

NAfME Music Educators Journal December 2018 article: “The Mindful Music Educator – Strategies for Reducing Stress and Increasing Well-being” by Dana Arbaugh Varona

PMEA News Fall 2018 article: “Music Major Anxiety – Causes and Coping” by Kevin Shorner-Johnson

NAfME blog

NAfME Music in a Minuet July 16, 2018 blog-post: “A Summer Bucket List for Teachers – Seven Ideas for Self-Care” by Richard Grennor

NAfME Music in a Minuet May 1, 2017 blog-post: “Preventing Teacher Stress and Burnout This Spring” by Maria Stefanova Mar


Edutopia articles on “Prioritizing Teacher Care”

Other links from PMEA Council TTRR

Contributions by NAfME/PMEA members

From Jennifer Dennett: Exhausted – Why Teachers Are So Tired and What They Can Do About It by Paul Murphy

Other Resources…

“Teacher Stress – Balancing Demands and Resources” from Kappan by Christopher Jay McCarthy

“Addiction Treatment – What Families Need to Know” from OnlineTherapy reviewed by Danny Taylor, Addiction Specialist and Caitlin Kingston, LCSW, and shared by Grace Jackson, Community Manager

Stay tuned. More to come…


Photo credit from “Self-Care” by Gerd Altmann

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