Job Interview Rubrics

Sample “Assessment Keys” for Teacher Candidates

How do “they” judge prospective educators? What skill-sets are wanted and scored?

Here is a sampling of the rubrics or evaluation tools that employment screening committees may use to rank (and eliminate) the applicants they interrogate. Sources listed below, these were found online and represent a wide variety of benchmarks.

Here’s your opportunity to practice answering interview questions – alone, with your college roommate, friends, or peers in music education methods classes or the NAfME collegiate chapter.

This blog-post should be used in conjunction with these past articles on tips, criteria, and questions suitable for hosting mock interview practice sessions:

Be sure to record your mock interview and assess your performance using these forms. Alternate the evaluation with different rubrics. Remember: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Good luck! PKF










Workplace Learning Connection








#6 2009



Baltimore Public Schools (TNTP) Sample Final Eval Form


Davidson COllege pp1Davidson COllege pp2

Special thanks to the contributions of these institutions:

  1. University of North Carolina Wilmington
  2. West Virginia Department of Education
  3. Kirkwood Community College
  4. North Dakota State University
  5. University of Scranton (National Association of Colleges and Employers)
  6. Interview Rubric 2009
  7. Baltimore Public Schools (TNTP)
  8. Davidson School Center for Career Development


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay


© 2019 Paul K. Fox





6 thoughts on “Job Interview Rubrics

  1. Hello! I am an 8th grade teacher in Wisconsin! I would like to contact you able being able to use some of your sources, giving you credit, for out career unit!


  2. Hello Paul, I teach Advanced Public Speaking at a college in Malaysia. I find your resources absolutely brilliant. Congratulations on an excellent site. I would like to ask your permission to adapt some of the rubrics for my course assessment. Thank you in advance.


  3. Roslind, please feel free to use any of these resources, many I, too, have borrowed from the Internet. More blogs on interviewing are on the way. Check back on May 5, 2020. Good luck!


  4. Hello and Good Evening Sir,
    I am a Senior High School Teacher @Pampanga, Philippines. Your source will be a great help for my subject as an assessment. I will be pleased if you let me use this as a guide for my students. Thank you and God bless!


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